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2019 Feature & TV-Pilot Semi-Finalists Announced.

Discussion in 'Screenwriting and Pre-Production' started by shorescripts, Nov 11, 2019.

  1. shorescripts

    shorescripts Member


    We are delighted to announce this year's Feature & TV-Pilot Semi-Finalists!

    VIEW the complete list here: https://www.shorescripts.com/2019-screenplay-contest-results/

    Our Semi-Finalists represent the top 3% of scripts submitted this year. Congratulations to those who made it through and a huge thank you to everyone who entered.

    It takes drive and ambition to not only finish a screenplay but send it out into the world. Every writer that entered should feel proud of what they have accomplished.


    Our Finalists will be announced on NOVEMBER 20TH.

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