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$5,000 Film Grants Available

Discussion in 'General Filmmaking Discussion' started by Art With Impact, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Art With Impact

    Art With Impact New Member

    Hey all!

    Art With Impact currently has a call for submissions for folks looking to create short films on the following two topics:

    - the mental health impacts of sexual violence,
    - mental health experiences within Indigenous, First Nations and Native American populations

    We have TEN $5,000 production grants available - you can find submission questions on this page: https://artwithimpact.org/films/voices-with-impact/

    Deadline to submit proposals to receive funding and make your film on the two specified topics is October 31, 2018! We can help pair you with subject matter experts and films will be screened in the Spring of 2019 - with all expenses paid travel to the film festival.

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