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A Prophet


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I saw this film recently (A Prophet 2009) and have to say its probably the best film I have ever seen in around the last 5 years. I mentioned this to a friend and he asked me, why? I proceeded to tell him about the narrative and the gritty drama that unfolds as a young man rises in a brutal prison system. Has anyone else got any insight as to why they did or didn't like the film?


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I agree it's an excellent film. I have only seen it the once (so far) and the more I think about the more I realize how well made it is.


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I honestly would not understand someone not liking it, unless they really dispised French films or movies with out a gunfigh-a-second. Audiard is one of the best directors around the world. I'm a lifelong devotee.

Excited to see Rust and Bone today. Expecting a bit more like Read My Lips, another amazing Audiard movie.
I've also watched this film and I agree with everyone of you. This is one great film! It also received various awards in Cannes Film Festival, Cesar Awards, London Film Festival and in other award-giving bodies in Europe. This is definitely one of the best films!