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Adding Films FAQ

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How do I add my film to the site?

To add a film to the site please register and login. Before you can add a film to the site however, you need to review at least one film of your peers - preferably one that doesn't already have a review yet.

Once you've reviewed a film, it may take 15 minutes or more for the change to go through... so spend that time watching and reviewing more films! :)

I reviewed a film and I'm still not seeing the "Add film" button.

Once you've reviewed a film it may take 15 minutes or more for you the add film button to appear. The automatic server process that upgrades user accounts to the new permissions that allow one to add a film gets automatically run every hour. While waiting, you can pass the time by reviewing more films. :)

What format do you accept?

To add your film on Studentfilms.com you need to upload it to YouTube first. Then simply paste the URL into the space provided.... (The full URL not the shortened URL) Unfortunately only YouTube at this time. I hope to be able to add Vimeo and other formats in the future.

What about the films I added before?

The films in the old "Short Film" section of the site are still there and you can watch and review them - you can just not add films anymore to that section. I plan to import that section over to the current Student Film section of the site soon.

My film isn't showing up on the main page of the site.

You need to UPLOAD an image with your film in order for it to show on the main page of the site.
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