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All music at soundimage.org is now free for commercial use

Discussion in 'Composers / Royalty Free Music' started by Eric Matyas, Jun 14, 2014.

  1. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    I've begun to create a library of texture images that you are welcome to use in your projects. There are seamless ones for tiling as well as standard ones. I've uploaded about 300 or so to get started, and I'm adding more all the time so be sure to check back often. You'll find them on my TXR pages.

    In the meantime, here are this week's new free music tracks:

    "Magic Clock Shop"_Looping


    "The Village"_Looping

    "Strange Shop"_Looping

    "The Castle Beyond the Forest"_Looping


    "The Awkward Princess Returns"_Looping


    As always, any and all feedback is welcome and much appreciated. :)

    Have a great start to your new year!

  2. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    If anyone happens to feel the need to decompress from the stress of modern life (like me) I've created a little video called "The Meditative Coast" that should hopefully help a little bit. It's on my new "Virtual Cinema" page...give it a try. :)

    In the meantime, I've got more free looping tracks ready on my fantasy pages. They are:

    "Quirky Dreamscape"_Looping


    "Digital Downtown"_Looping



    "Awkward Princess's Day Out"_Looping

    "Once Around the Kingdom"_Looping

    "Some Faraway Place"_Looping

    "The Princess Haunted"_Looping


    I hope some of them are helpful!

  3. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    Was busy shooting a new film this past week, but I did manage to get some new tracks done for everyone. They are on my Fantasy 6 and 7 pages:

    "Enchanted Places"_Looping

    "Misty Forest"_Looping

    "Analog Hero"_Looping


    "Dark Fantasy Open"_Looping

    "Spell's a Brewin'_v001"_Looping

    "Some Dreamy Place_v001"_Looping


  4. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    I want to send out a great big heartfelt thank you to everyone who has personally reached out to me about my film "Then Meditative Coast." I'm glad that you're enjoying it and hope that it helps to lower your blood pressure in these stressful times that we live in. Please feel free to share the film with anyone who might find it helpful.

    In that spirit, here are this week's new free tracks:

    "Still of Morning"_Looping

    "Thumbing Across Alaska"_Looping


    "Serenity in the Sky"_Looping

    "Tranquility at 30,000 Feet"_Looping

    "Where the River Begins"_Looping


    Have a good week,

  5. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    This week’s new free tracks are on my Nature/Science page:

    "Distant Mountains"_Looping

    "Hidden Pond"_Looping


    "Random Processes"_Looping

    "Deep Peace"_Looping

    “Life in a Drop”_Looping

    “Droplet of Life”_Looping


    Have a good week,

  6. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    Hey Everyone,

    I had a busy week shooting images, but I did manage to get some new tracks done:

    "STRANGE NATURE"_Looping – Bizarre creatures are everywhere…if you look.


    "HYPNOTIC ORIENT"_Looping – I’d love to hear this in a travel video.

    "EXOTIC DREAMING"_Looping – of faraway places. (I've been doing a lot of that lately.)

    "EXOTIC CRUISING"_Looping – might be nice in a travel or vacation video. (Anyone want to treat me to a cruise? Haha.)


    Awe, come on...I could really use a cruise! ;-)
  7. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    Well, it was another busy week, but I guess that's a good thing...keeping busy keeps me out of trouble...usually... ;-) Anyhow, I managed to get these done:

    "RIVER IN TROUBLE"_Looping – Thinking about the Colorado River in the American south west.
    "ALASKAN MOONRISE"_Looping – Could work in a nature documentary or perhaps something else.
    "FLURRIES"_Looping – That chill in the air tells you the first snow fall of winter is on its way.


    "PELICAN BAY TIKI PARTY"_Looping – A fun tropical piece.


    "SCULPTURE GARDEN"_Looping – A string piece with the suggestion of gently bubbling fountains. Might be nice for a classy outdoor event.


    I also created a new page of sky images...mostly taken around sunset...for anyone who's interested...(TXR - SKIES) I hope some of them are helpful. :)

    Have a good week!
  8. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    Here are this week's new free tracks:

    On my Quiet 2 Page, we have:

    "Desert After Rain"_Looping

    "Vast Places"_Looping

    "Autumn Leaves"_Looping

    On my Upbeat Page, we have:

    "Calmer Times"_Looping

    And on my Sci-Fi 5 page, we have:

    "More Introspective Machines"_Looping

  9. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    Hi everyone,

    It's a little hard to believe, but Soundimage turned 3 years old this month, so I wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone who has been so positive and encouraging from the start. Creating original music is a lot of work, but it's thrilling to hear my tracks in your games, apps, videos and emerging art forms like interactive novels. I feel like part of me is in your work, and it's incredibly satisfying to be able to help you make your visions into realities.
    Thank you!

    In a few more weeks, I should have seamless looping versions done of nearly every track on the site. That said, this week's new free tracks are from my sci-fi pages. They are:

    "Retro Sci-Fi Planet"_Looping

    "Night Winds"_Looping

    "Eerie Cyber World"_Looping



    "Dystopic Technology"_Looping


    I hope some of them are helpful!

  10. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    Hi everyone,

    This week's new free tracks are from my sci-fi and horror pages. They are:

    "Sewer Monsters"_Looping


    "Closing In 2"_Looping

    "Night Stalker"_Looping

    "Disturbed Soundscape"_Looping

    "Lurking in the Shadows"_Looping


    I've also been getting emails asking if my tracks are free to use in commercial projects. The answer is yes (with proper attribution.) Please see my homepage for attribution information. :)

  11. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

  12. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

  13. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    Hi everyone,

    This week's new free tracks are:

    "Cyber Dystopia"_Looping


    "Sewer Creepers"_Looping

    "Grunge Bot"_Looping




    I get emails every once in a while from folks who seem to be having a bit of trouble navigating the site. Here are some things to keep in mind that should hopefully help:

    1. The titles of the pages in the tan box under the header image are actually links to the various pages. Hover over them to highlight them (a box appears around them) and then click.

    2. I think sometimes people are fooled when they click on one of the page links, like for example "Fantasy 3" and nothing seems to happen. But if you look closer, you'll see that the title of the link you clicked on actually turns to bold indicating that you are now on that particular page. Simply scroll down to see the contents of that page.

    3. Since all of the page links appear at the top of every page, it's easy to think that you haven't been taken anywhere after clicking on one of them. Again, notice that the title of the link you clicked on has now turned bold...and you have to scroll down to see the page contents.

    Anyhow, I hope that's helpful! :)
  14. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    It's been a very hectic week, but I did manage to upload some new tracks:

    "The Old Parolee"_Looping

    "Autumn of Life"_Looping

    "Drama in the Caribbean"_Looping


    I hope everyone's having a calmer, less stressful week than I am. :)
  15. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    Hi everyone,

    Things have finally calmed down a bit...pfew! ...In that spirit here's:

    "Gulf Breeze"_Looping

    The rest of this week's new free tracks are from my Technology Page...I think some of them might work in sci-fi themed projects. They are:

    "Intriguing Future"_Looping

    "Future Business"_Looping

    "Future Grid"_Looping

    "Switch On"_Looping


    Enjoy your week! :)
  16. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    Hi everyone,

    Now that looping versions of most of my tracks are done, I'm back to creating brand new music and soundscapes. Got a new synth, too, so lots of new sounds are on their way. Here are some for starters:

    "Sky Runner" (standard and looping)
    "Cyber Teen"

    "It's Always Sunny in the 80's"
    "It's Raining Pixels"
    "The Ice Cream Man"

    "After the Invasion"

    "From the Sand to the Stars"

    I hope some of them are useful! :)
  17. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    More brand new free tracks for everyone...

    "REACHING ALTITUDE" – I would love to hear this in a drone video…(I’m a huge fan.) But it might work in a travel video as well.

    "THE ASTRONOMY CLUB" – Somehow these kids always seemed to have a lovable goofiness about them. I was never in the astronomy club, but probably should have been…I love all things having to do with space (and certainly qualified as far as the goofy factor was concerned!)

    "GRUNGE STREET GAME" – (Looping) Might work under a fighting level.

    "MIDNIGHT WANDERER" – Through the cold concrete jungle.

    "A CITY FOR ALL MANKIND" – Perhaps one day people will finally learn to get along.

    Have a great week! :)
  18. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

  19. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

  20. Eric Matyas

    Eric Matyas Member

    Hi everyone,

    Lots of new music for you:

    On the Sci-Fi 5 page, we have:
    "Monsters on Board"
    "Monsters on Board 2"
    "Monsters on Board 3"

    On the Events/Travel 2 page, we have a new track intended for drone pilots, but it might work in a travel video as well:
    "Cruising at Altitude"

    For those of you needing puzzle game music, I started a new page of just that so all my puzzle music is in one place now (instead of scattered around.) So we have these new tracks:
    "Hypnotic Puzzle"
    "Hypnotic Puzzle 2"
    "Hypnotic Puzzle 3"
    "Hypnotic Puzzle 4"

    And finally, a couple of new looping tracks on my Action page:
    "Quirky Action"
    "Quirky Action 2"

    Remember, daily updates of new tracks are here:

    Have a good week! :)

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