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animated short movie on youtube - help wanted


New Member
Helo all,

I'm looking for a certain animated fantasy short movie that I saw a while ago on youtube.
It was so beautiful I was certain it would always stay on youtube, but it seems the movie has been deleted/moved.
I was wondering if any of you would know the name of this short movie and could tell me where I can find it (I'd like to buy it).
There was no spoken text, nor written. But there was music.

It was set in a kind of alien jungle. Where you'd see a kind of "egg" open and from it a creature would come, all around the forest such creatures would appear out of eggs. The creatures would grow and form couples that dance together, except for one creature that had a little accident and that was missing a part of his body due to that accident.
The creatures that had formed couples would disappear into the ground and this one creature would stand alone, sad.
Then another creature would appear… and at last they would form a couple too…

I can't describe it better than this,
but I really hope you've seen it too and can remember more about it.

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