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Announcing FilmSchool.org - The Best Film School Forum on the Internet

Chris W

Studentfilms.com Owner
Staff member
We've just launched our sister site FilmSchool.org!

The Film School Forums on Studentfilms.com were becoming so popular that I decided that it was time enough to give them their own domain, so we recently acquired the FilmSchool.org domain name.

Moving the film school forums from Studentfilms.com to FilmSchool.org accomplishes two things:

  • Studentfilms.com will now be able to focus on it's original purpose - showcasing student films. Student filmmakers will also be able to get tips on the craft of filmmaking as well as have easy access to Royalty-Free music for their films.

  • FilmSchool.org will of course be able to focus on film schools, film school advice, and how to get into film school. The film school forum section of Studentfilms.com was an extremely vibrant part of the community... but one doesn't search for "student films" to get tips on film school.

    Now with "Film School" the only words in the domain for the films school forums the site should attract even more visitors and members which means much more vibrant and engaging conversations and our members will quickly be able to have their questions answered by their peers... not to mention have many fellow "applicants in arms" as they apply to film school.
My goal is to make FilmSchool.org the best film school forum on the Internet. I think with our vibrant community that will surely happen.

If you registered on Studentfilms.com before today your user names and passwords will work just fine on FilmSchool.org.

Studentfilms.com isn't going anywhere - it's getting better and better. We're going to focus back on our roots which is to showcase student work and give filmmakers the tips and tools they need to be successful.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this change. I know it will focus each site and make them both so much better.


Active Member
Wow, great domain name! How did you score that? Really surprised that wasn't already taken by... oh, one of the many film schools around the world! Kudos to you!

Chris W

Studentfilms.com Owner
Staff member
Wow, great domain name! How did you score that? Really surprised that wasn't already taken by... oh, one of the many film schools around the world! Kudos to you!

It was taken by someone. :) It was a bit of an investment - but totally worth it in my opinion. It'll bring in a ton new members to that part of the site for sure.

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