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Beaulieu 5008S Super8 Camera Kit (Super16 Inc. Refurb)

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Classifieds' started by LEOBRANA MEDIA LLC, Aug 15, 2011.



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    The Beaulieu 5008 S is a Super 8 mm film dual-speed professional camera. This camera was released by the Beaulieu (company). It was first launched in February 1974. The primary component that set this camera apart from other Super 8mm cameras of the era was it was made with a uniqueSLR function and interchangeable Schneider Kreuznach and Angenieux zoom lens.

    Format: Super-8 Kodapak, Kodachrome or Ektachrome (see external link)
    Lens: Schneider Kreuznach Optivaron macro zoom 6-70 mm
    Macro with Schneider Kreuznach: from 0 to 1500 mm (just under 5 ft)
    Filter: built-in Wratten filter 85
    Aperture: motor driven with reflexmatic motor or manual
    Zooming: Electric speed from 4 to 12 seconds or manual
    Viewer: Reflex with tilting matte screen
    Shutter: with guillotine 1/40 sec (18 images) or 1/60 sec (24 images)
    Exposure metering: CdS cell
    ASA: 25 to 400
    Remote control: electrical
    Power supply: rechargeable 500mA/ 7.2 V NiCd batt.
    Sound: built-in amplifier 50 to 12 kHz +/- 1.5 dB (24 images) and 50 to 9.5 kHz +/- 1.5 dB (18 images)
    Signal/noise: 57 dB
    Earphone Z > 1.5 K?
    Mike: DIN 5 pins, with 3 sensibilities: 0.15mV to 20mV Z = 5K?, 3mV to 15mV Z = 100K? and 30mV to 1.2V Z = 500K?
    Capstan instability: 0.4 %
    Dimensions: 34 cm (l) x 10 cm (w) x 21 cm (h)
    Weight: 2.55 kg with Angenieux zoom 6-80

    The unit has been lightly used recently, but looks new. The camera has also been refurbished at Super16 Inc. by professional Bernie O'Doherty (www.super16inc.com/page4.htm) The unit comes with all items pictured: 5008S Camera, Beaulieu leather case, rewind knob, remote control wire for stop motion animation,re-celled NiCd battery pack, remote charger unit, and single frame accessory unit for stop motion animation. A professional camera refurb like this normally goes for $1695 online (http://www.pro8mm.com/Merchant5/mer...&Product_Code=Camera-Classic&Category_Code=S8). This camera has been well taken care of and is ready to shoot a professional music video or film.
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