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Breaking Through - A Short Film

Discussion in 'Short Films' started by Miles Royal, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Miles Royal

    Miles Royal Member

    A short film about distinguishing yourself from what society wants you to be.
    Please like and subscribe! New coming soon.

    Feedback greatly appreciated!

    Music Provided By:
    Kazuhiko Kinami - Avril 14th by Aphex Twin~a little difficult ver.~
    The Theorist - Frank Ocean - Pyramids (Piano Cover)
    I do not own any of the music
    Kehinde Taiwo
    Taiwo Taiwo
    Jamal Scott
    Written and Directed by:
    Miles Royal
  2. testing123456

    testing123456 New Member

    I've added a new "short film" section that is integrated with the site much better. If you add your film there it'll be much easier for people to comment on it, rate it, and give reviews.
  3. Chris W

    Chris W Studentfilms.com & FilmSchool.org Owner Staff Member

    That last post was written by me as a test user. Sorry about that - I wasn't paying attention to what account I was logged into as.
  4. Miles Royal

    Miles Royal Member

    ok thanks

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