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Call for Entries: Global Dialogues 4th Quarter 2015 Online Youth Video Challenge


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The Global Dialogues 4th Quarter 2015 video challenge is open for your entries!

This quarters video title: Sex, Partying, Peer Pressure

The premise: A young man feels pressured to bring drugs to a party being hosted by a friend.

For the video challenges Global Dialogues presents the beginning of a story that you're to finish in a video of your own. The continued story should reflect your vision of a better world and depict the characters finding positive solutions to the problems they are confronted with.

You can complete the story in a video up to 2 minutes long.

The director of the winning video from each of the 3 Global Dialogues regions will receive US$1,000 and international visibility: Africa, The Americas, Euroasia/Pacific

You have until the end of Monday, 30 November 2015 to submit your video to the Challenge. Voting will then be open until the end of Tuesday 15 December 2015.

The contest is FREE. All you have to do to participate and enter is sign up.

Flex your creative short-film making muscles, gain film-making experience, and win cash and recognition for your efforts!

The contest is open to anyone, worldwide, up to the age of 25. Over 25? That's okay, create a team so long as one person on the team is under the age of 25.

You can learn more about the contest at the Video Challenge Overview: http://globaldialogues.org/video-challenges/overview/.

View the Frequently Asked Questions here: http://globaldialogues.org/video-challenges/faq/

Further information on the Rules and Prizes: http://globaldialogues.org/video-challenges/rules-prizes/

Check out past videos and Global Dialogues winners here:

Best of luck to you and we look forward to seeing your video submissions!

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