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July 9, 2014

PLATTSBURGH, NY – Lake Champlain International Film Festival, presented by the Plattsburgh Renewal Project and The Strand Center for the Arts, is officially announcing a Call for Entries in all categories including short, feature length and student films. Professional and amateur filmmakers working in all disciplines and genres are welcomed and encouraged to submit.

The open submission period for early entries will end on August 31, 2014. Late entries must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM on September 15, 2014. Filmmakers whose work is selected for screening at the festival will be notified no later than September 30, 2014. No works in progress will be accepted.

Submissions, film entry forms and additional submission guidelines are available at www.lcifilmfest.org and http://www.filmfestivallife.com/Lake-Champlain-International-Film-Festival/.

The film festival will be held on November 15th and 16th at the Strand Theatre, a landmark of cultural and historical importance. Located in the heart of downtown Plattsburgh, the Strand was originally built as a Vaudeville Theatre in 1924 and is currently on the National Registry of Historic Places.

"We're pleased to be co-presenting the inaugural Lake Champlain International Film Festival with the Plattsburgh Renewal Project. Years ago, the Strand Theatre was the hub for cinema and culture in Plattsburgh. When the theatre closed and the lights were dimmed for several years, there was no longer a location for seeing independent films or a way for directors to interact with our community. The LCIFF is now a vehicle to fill that void, boost economical development and showcase new international and national work. We couldn't be happier," say Jessica Dulle, Executive Director, The Strand Center for the Arts.

The Plattsburgh Renewal Project is a local organization whose mission is to positively impact the quality of life through community partnerships and to strengthen pride in the City of Plattsburgh through initiatives that create diverse cultural and recreational opportunities for both residents and visitors.

“We couldn’t agree more,” adds Chris Rosenquest, President, Plattsburgh Renewal Project. “With the number of successful initiatives the Renewal Project has put on this year, we look forward to another partnership with the Strand to bring this film festival. I remember going to the Strand to see movies when I was younger and it’s a pleasure to bring independent films back to Plattsburgh and utilizing the Strand to do this.”

Ticket sales will open in August. For more information, please visit www.lcifilmfest.org .

About Lake Champlain International Film Festival

The Lake Champlain International Film Festival (LCIFF) turns the spotlight on new films and filmmakers working in all genres and disciplines of film. Nestled in the foothills of the breathtaking Adirondack Mountains and alongside the 6 million acre Adirondack Park, LCIFF takes place in November in Plattsburgh, NY on the shores of Lake Champlain.

LCIFF website: http://lcifilmfest.org
LCIFF Film Festival Life page: http://www.filmfestivallife.com/Lake-Champlain-International-Film-Festival/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lcifilmfestival
Twitter: @lcifilmfest

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