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Calling All Filmmakers !!! Upload Your Film To Major New Network Free !!

Discussion in 'Cool Filmmaking Sites' started by Mother Hen, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. Mother Hen

    Mother Hen New Member

    Want to have your film seen all over the world on a major media network? At Giant Cinema, www.BeGiant.us we embrace freedom of the marketplace and allow all producers, filmmakers, and picture companies to upload all of their films for free. Giant Cinema is about the freedom to express your talent to the world without limitation. Our website is now in Beta testing and we will be officially streaming our website soon. We will be a major player in the family entertainment industry and you are invited to join us. Viewing is free and interactive giving the filmmaker the chance to build a direct relationship with the viewer. The future of Television is here and your film can be a part of it.
    For more information go to www.BeGiant.us

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