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canon xha1 kit for sale

Brandon Hall

New Member
I am selling my camera via amazon.com. And ONLY through AMAZON. I am in the Atlanta Area so the closer you are the sooner you'll get it.

here is the link to my seller profile where you can view the listing and buy the item: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aag/m...eller=A2PPOG86CYPE0N

This is an awesome camera for someone looking to get their feet wet in videography/filmmaking. And you're saving hundreds on the case and the mic that is provided.
I'm an independent filmmaker who's moved up and looking to provide a great camera that I probably won't be using much to someone without screwing them over on the price.

below is the description I provided on Amazon.com:

Comes with (1) Kata carrying case, (2) XL capacity batteries, (1) battery charger, (1) Audio Technica ATR 6550 shotgun mic, (1) head cleaning cassette [10 seconds used]. And your choice of up to (8) used mini dv tapes that will be recorded over for use / practice - only a very few paint chippings o the bottom and on the focus ring (not noticeable unless you are REALLY looking). Heads frequently, and recently cleaned. I am a filmmaker who has used this camera to get to the point where I can upgrade. Love this camera, but gotta step-up. Feel free to contact me. I can provide pictures. I am willing to skype chat to display products. I can direct you to links of footage shot with this camera.