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Casting Call for 2 Female Voice Actors (Student Animation)


New Member
Hi, I'm a 4th year animation student from the University of Sydney and my partner and I are currently working on a student directed animation for our Honours project. We're looking for 2 female voices to voice 2 characters, set in the 70s in the UK.

Our film is centered around 2 girls in their 20s who are getting ready together, hoping to attend a local disco once they're done. One's feeling legarthic and tired, while the other tries her best to hype her up for the event. It'll be around 3 minutes long, with one minutes worth of dialogue and 2 other minutes of chaotic make-over.

Our characters:
Bri: 21-25 years. She's a calm college student who agreed to go with her best friend to the disco, but isn't really in the mood for it.

Mary: 21-25 years. She's Bri's best friend who crashes at Bri's to get ready. She's determined to have a good time, loaded with a beautiful sequin dress. The only thing left to do is to convince Bri to go with her, maybe through having a few drinks, maybe with a glo' up, or maybe with a homestyle dance-off and a disco track.

If you're interested, please send us an email at nancyhm99@gmail.com

Here are also some of my sample work: https://nansandart.tumblr.com/ but it's quite un-updated and mostly for me to post sketches and small-time gifs from my first and second year. We can provide you some more of our project assets and sample works once requested!

Looking forward to working with you!

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