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Cinematic composer seeking opportunities

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Kyero2016, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Kyero2016

    Kyero2016 New Member

    Hello everyone, please call me Kyero.

    I began on the piano at a young age, but stopped before one year had passed due to a strain in the relationship between my parents and our teacher. Later, in high school, I picked up the electric guitar and never looked back.

    Today, I have been studying music for 11 years and studying music composition quite seriously for around 2 years. I use orchestral instrument samples from EastWest and Vienna to compose, and can do so in a variety of genres. However my primary genres within which I am most comfortable composing are Horror, Drama, Action, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy.

    If you would like to hear samples of my music, I invite you to visit my SoundCloud page to hear what I have for you.

    (Below you see a piece from my page, rather than a proper link as it's not leaving it as a simple link for some reason. Please just click on the "Shadow574" that's above the piece's name and it should take you to my SoundCloud page where you can listen to a lot of other music)

    Please do take note, however, that many of the pieces on this page were composed in Sibelius and therefore do not use my best software. Please listen to them as pieces of music instead of thinking they represent the quality of what I can deliver.

    Thank you very much for your time, and if you think my style suits any projects you are working on or may work on in the future I hope you'll keep me in mind!

    ~ Kyero

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