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Clichés of films

Discussion in 'General Filmmaking Discussion' started by Jordan Dickerson, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Jordan Dickerson

    Jordan Dickerson New Member

    Movies, in general, reproduce what happens in real life. Many accurately, others with lots of fantasy, romance and action. But, of course a cliché is repeated in all: the man “He-man” and the woman “Barbie”. The woman cries, is romantic, sexy, must be protected, etc. The man is strong, protector, male, etc. The woman can be strong, see Carly Fiorina (former CEO HP)... The movies should change this view on men and women. Source: http://thethinkingabout.blogspot.com
  2. utopiumproductions

    utopiumproductions New Member

    Cliches are also there to help quickly audience understand the type of character they are watching. A main cliched character (such as hero or villain) is bad because lets face it everyone knows them and audiences get bored. But minor characters, essential to the story but who perhaps do not warrant a back story, can be made cliched in order to help the audience understand rapidly what the character function is. A woman on a street corner, leather boots, crop top (going with cliche) is a prostitute. An Hispanic man, covered in tattoos and wearing a wife beater throwing gang symbols, again going with cliche, is a bad man, a drug dealer/taker and associated with criminals. Quick and easy for audiences to understand

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