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Combination Gaffer(Lighting)/Grip Needed for 20-day Run&Gun/Guerrilla feature film in LA late July

Discussion in 'Cast / Crew Classifieds' started by Film Prod, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Film Prod

    Film Prod New Member

    We are looking for a talented lighting/grip professional on our 20-day Run&Gun/Guerrilla feature film shoot, in LA starting late July, to work closely with the director/DP on our next upcoming feature film. This film will be listed on IMDb and sold worldwide. It is a non-union production and compensation is $60/day. Suitable candidates should have some/not all of their own lighting equipment or a mind blowing demo reel. We want to be blown away.

    Our film will be of the noir/horror genre so let us know if you have done that type of work before and please send links to that type of work, as we cannot judge what you've done without seeing your work directly.

    Please let us know what gear you have available in your kit, and where you are located.

    Our company will be filming two feature films before the end of the year and if we work together well, any crew members on this production will receive first consideration for all future productions.

    We look forward to hearing from you.


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