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Composer at major NYC studio looking to films to work on


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Hi everyone and thank you for welcoming me on to your forums. My name is Andrew Koss and I'm a composer, writer, producer, and owner of Terminus Recording Studios. We are a world class recording facility located in Times Square in the heart of NYC. Our facility is fully equipped for scoring, ADR work, voice overs, and post/surround work. I'm here because as a writer/composer I would really like to get more involved in scoring original music for film and video projects. My studio is loaded up with some of the best orchestral libraries on the market, and we also have a vintage Steinway Grand, loads of guitars, drums, and a deep mic locker. I am fortunate to have access to all the equipment needed to make beautiful sounding music.

I would love the opportunity to discuss your project and work with you on bringing out the sonic backdrop of your film. I can also help with ADR or any other audio mixing you might need. I am happy to start doing this for credit. Please reach out to me if you have a project that needs original scoring, songs, or soundscapes.

You can hear miscellaneous music I've written on our sound cloud page at http://www.soundcloud.com/taintedblue

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Just wanted to updated this thread with some recent examples.

- This is the intro sequence to a promotional video that a band is making. They asked me to write the music.

- A link to a trailer for the off-broadway play Bronte that I scored the music for.

- An early edit of a film student’s project that I wrote some music for.

In addition, there are lots of pop, country, instrumental, sound-scape like demos on my soundcloud which can be found at http://www.soundcloud.com/taintedblue