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Composer needed

Discussion in 'Composers / Royalty Free Music' started by Byron Q., Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Byron Q.

    Byron Q. New Member

    Hey all

    Anybody here interested in helpin me out by kinda re-creating this track?
    NOTE: I didn't write the song, I just have fallen in love with it ever since I heard the original while watching Extras a coupla years ago.

    Here is the chords and stuff on the piano for if you need them. :)

    I think I wanna use it for the end credits kinda music on some sketch comedy stuff.

    Anyway hit me up on the email byron.queale@icloud.com with subject RE: Composer Needed.

  2. Byron Q.

    Byron Q. New Member

    Please note: I may not be on this site much so it is best to send an email rather than leave a comment or send a DM as I may not see them.
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  3. Bruno Duprat

    Bruno Duprat New Member


    My name is Bruno Duprat and I'm a composer for many years.
    Please check my website at:


    I'm currently available looking for more projects to be part of.
    Please contact me at:


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