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Composer/Sound Designer required - Animation about Tourettes Syndrome

Discussion in 'Composers / Royalty Free Music' started by Susanna, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Susanna

    Susanna New Member


    My name is Susanna and I'm the director and animator for a short film about Tourettes Syndrome. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Design in Animation, and this film is my final work for my Honours year.

    The animation (2 mins long) focuses on a young adult reflecting back on her experiences with Tourettes. It's an emotional and tense piece, and has a voice actor narrating over the animation.

    I am looking for either a composer or sound designer that can subtly create and build a tense atmosphere. The piece starts off slow and builds until it breaks, and for that reason, I would love to work with someone who can create organised chaos, for a lack of a better term, whether it be through instrumentation or foley, that reflects the sporadic behaviour of Tourettes.

    I am very inexperienced when it comes to music/sound, so I would love to see the creative input of whomever may be interested. It can also be arranged for the voice actor to record any sounds, if necessary.

    I currently have an animatic available as well, and have attached some screen shots as to the look of the film.

    If interested, please contact me at: 12011654@student.uts.edu.au

    Thanks in advance!
    Susanna :)

  2. mahdi zamani

    mahdi zamani New Member

    i'm a composer and I can help you. here's some of my works:
  3. Bruno Duprat

    Bruno Duprat New Member


    My name is Bruno Duprat and I'm a composer for many years.
    Please check my website at:


    I'm currently available looking for more projects to be part of.
    Please contact me at:


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