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Composer wanted for student animation

Michelle T

New Member
Hi there, I'm currently 3 weeks away from completion of my final year animation and I'm in need of a composer. The film is intended to have a political message, but the style is very cartoony, so I want something along the lines of the music used in cartoons like 'Looney Tunes' but with a darker tone. It doesn't necessarily have to be classical orchestral, as long as it is instrument driven rather than relying on synth. I have no musical ability whatsoever and need someone who has experience to keep things on the right track with what little direction I can give.

I'd need it by May 1st at the very latest. I am willing to pay and full credits will be given.

I have put together a rough video with all timings on the animation final.
Password: 1996 <--- highlight to see

Have a look and let me know asap if you think your a good fit for the job!


Harry Thompson

New Member
Hi Michelle,

I'm an experienced composer with experience in composition for animation, and I would love to be part of your project. I'm used to working to far tighter deadlines for a lot longer projects so I would have no problem meeting your aim.

Please listen to some of my previous work at soundcloud.com/harry-t-thompson/ and feel free to contact me on harrythompson.info@gmail.com.

Many thanks,
Harry T Thompson

Nick Dragonas

New Member
Hello ,

I compose original music for T.V. , Commercials , Video Games , Films , etc., and work as a freelancer.

I would appreciate it if you had a look at my website - www.dragonasmusic.com - and checked out my music portfolio.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Thank you very much for your time and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards ,

Nick Dragonas
Dragon Music

E-mail : dragon@dragonasmusic.com


New Member

I’m a Los Angeles based composer, graduate of USC and DIT, Dublin.
I’d love to score your animation!

Here are a few tracks I’ve done that may be up your alley,
“Snipurr” -
“Red Cross” -
“I Wonder if I Can Get on That Roof” - “Beautiful Resentment” -
All of my work can be heard at www.mattancohen.com

Very best,

Seth T. T. Scott

New Member
Love the abstract art. I am a film composer with a degree in classical composition, with a minor in film scoring. I have extensive experience with writing for orchestra, including having a work premiered by a symphony orchestra last April. The video to that performance is available here:


During my studies I did a number of student shorts, all of which you can check out in my video portfolio.

Audio portfolio: soundcloud.com/sethttscott
Video portfolio: youtube.com/channel/UCrZ675YCnJuu3n0RQWuvvzA

I am best reached at SethTTScott@gmail.com


Chris Amato

New Member
Hi Michelle,

Sounds intriguing. I'm a musician and composer and a recent music school graduate. I'd love to collaborate with you on this project! You can check out my resume/portfolio here: chrisamatomusic.yolasite.com

You can contact me directly at camatomusic@gmail.com or through my websites contact page


New Member
Hi Michelle I have done the music for your video if you are still interested, have a look and listen the password is (123), I am Based in the UK as you are. It is not mastered or at broadcast level as this is just for your consideration.

If you have already found someone then please let me know and I will delete this file. Thanks
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