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Create Digital Stories that Stand Out - Storymakers 2014

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There's a new storytelling campaign - Storymakers 2014 - from TechSoup that launches August 26, 2014. Submit your social good story to TechSoup Storymakers during the month of September for a chance to win up to $13,000 in prizes, have your video showcased across the TechSoup Global network. Prize categories include:

  • Best story promoting youth engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - $5,000
  • Best story overall - $5,000
  • Best short story on Instagram or Vine - $1,000
  • Best newbie story - $1,000
  • Audience choice - $1,000

Do you or your staff and volunteers want to learn more about impact storytelling, what tools to use, and how to use them? Check out TechSoup’s upcoming series of webinars, global events and how-to’s, and connect with a growing community of partners and sponsors that includes the Center for Digital Storytelling, See3 of the DoGooder Awards, Creative Commons, GoDaddy, and YouNoodle.