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Custom Graphic T-Shirts for Short Film

My team is working on a short documentary to make people positive especially at their workplaces and educational institutes. The main purpose of the film is to overcome the ratio of suicides around the globe. In the beginning, we are targeting the people who are suiciding because of workplace issues and students.

To give positive messages to the audience you are using graphics without sound. According to my team, we should also use graphic tees with quotes like this. Do you think it would be a good idea? Or it would look messy?

Waiting for your serious suggestions.


New Member
I don't think custom graphic shirts would be an ideal thing to do. It could eat the performance admiration of actors from the audience.


New Member
The idea of the custom graphic shirt for short film sounds interesting, but you should also look at the financial pros and cons of using these tees. First of all, if you invest in designing custom graphic shirts, then there are limited chances that you would able to use them again for any other project.

Instead of using graphic tees, I would recommend you to come with a strong plot and script. However, it is also a not bad idea to give important to dressing. But I think you should try to purchase clothes from wholesalers instead of retailers. In this way, you can't only get dresses at cheap rates but can also use them for further film projects. If it is about ladies wholesale clothing, then I would recommend you to pick this wholesale clothing store, and for men clothing, you can try trendy dresses of LAShowroom. In my opinion, wholesale clothes are always better than renting clothes or getting dresses from retailers, especially when you are making a short film with a limited budget in hand.

By the way, I really appreciate your idea, and hopefully, it would be a motivational movie for misguided youth. Best of Luck!

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