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Edinburgh Short Film Festival 2019 Programme Launched!

Paul Bruce

New Member
The 2019 Edinburgh Short Film Festival, launches soon and is your one chance to see
one of the strongest short film programmes in the UK!

We're excited to bring a programme of outstanding short cinema,
award winning short films including the 2019 Best Short Cannes and Oscar winners and winners at International Film Festivals, as well as many other outstanding short films from home and across the globe.

Featuring films ranging from Vietnamese Drama and Indian Vampire comedy horror
to Taiwanese Animation, US sci-fi, Scottish thrillers and everything in between.

We're also holding a Film Festival Best Films night with guest film festival directors
from across Europe bringing their best films with a panel discussion following the screening.

There's a night of Texan Shorts & no less than 2 Animation Sundays, animation from Poland & Czech Republic as well as lively networking events, Q & A sessions and on top of all that, 2 late night parties with live music!