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Enter Adobe's Newest Film Competition Hack To School!

Discussion in 'Filmmaking Contests' started by heyitsj, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. heyitsj

    heyitsj New Member

    So you've got a life hack you've picked up since you got to college but you haven't had an opportunity to share it? Here's your chance! Hack To School is looking for the best college tips, tricks, how-tos, hacks, whatever you wanna call them. There are no categories, so anything (that's PG) that you think is an trick you've created or had passed down to you from graduating class to graduating class to help you in your day to day life is fair game! Submissions are to be 30 to 90 seconds in length detailing a step by step walk through of the life hack. The best part is this competition is completely FREE to you! You just need to submit!

    First place earns you $2,000 in cold hard cash, a year subscription of Adobe's Creative Cloud software, and your work featuring on Adobe's social media pages.

    Submissions are DUE October 26th so you'll have to jump on this opportunity fast but I believe in you!

    Check out the competition page, as this is an opportunity that you will not want to miss out on! And let me mention again, FIRST PLACE IS $2,000 CASH! That's a lot of weekends worth of fun, or just one really crazy weekend, up to you once you win!



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