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Experienced and established soundtrack composer for films, trailers and games

Discussion in 'Composers / Royalty Free Music' started by Juugo Vitz, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. Juugo Vitz

    Juugo Vitz New Member

    I'm a professional composer for films, trailers and games with over 6 years experience. I'm versatile and experienced in composing a wide variety of styles for games, films or high impact trailer music. I'm also a multi instrumentalist for acoustic work too.

    Non-amateur projects only. (Please note by 'amateur' I dont mean non-paid. I'm happy to collaborate for free)
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  2. pattieclem

    pattieclem New Member

    Lukas, with all due respect.. you've asked for "non-amateur projects" on the studentfilms.com forum. This may not be the best place to scout for "experienced and established" anyone.

    But, having many friends who compose professionally and working alongside lots of young filmmakers I would encourage you to seek out and collaborate with up-and-coming directors to build relationships that may lead not only to paid work but really satisfying work.

    "Amateur" projects are sometimes more freeing and allow for both the director and composer to figure things out before money and production pressures come into play.
  3. Juugo Vitz

    Juugo Vitz New Member

    Hello there, I'm sorry if it wasn't clear in my post.
    By amateur I don't mean non-paid! I'm certainly more than happy to collaborate with directors without payment and I have done so in the past to build relationships, By amateur i'm only referring the quality of the production itself (i.e, semi to professional quality at minimum with actual chance of exposure as opposed to a video recorded on a bad quality smartphone that will get 1 or 2 views on youtube) if that makes sense.

    Hope that clears things up.

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