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Feedback needed on my action comedy story treatment for a student film

Rate this treatment from 1-10 (10 being the best)

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New Member
Nick is a slacking, day-dreaming, unpopular, tall, lanky teen who's not really good at anything except drawing.
One day, he and his best friend Mike ditch class (as usual) and find left over energy drinks in the AP Chemistry room.
The one Mike drinks is safe but Nick's has been exposed to chemical waste.
He goes wakes up the next morning finding himself to be more muscular and fit.
His reflexes are enhanced and he has a newly discovered sense of confidence.
One day Mike and Nick ditch class again and go snooping around school only to discover a secret plan to take over the school and by the sinister A.V.T.N.H.S. club (Aspiring Villain and Thug National Honor Society). They try to call the police but nobody believes them.
Nick reveals his powers to Mike and they devise a plan to stop the A.V.T.N.H.S. president, Alfonso Clemens, a straight A student, teacher's pet, and overall douche.
The two confront the A.V.T.N.H.S. during their school raid. Mike discovers that he has powers too and is able to save the day at the last minute and dispose of hidden bombs in the school. The movie ends with Nick and Mike walking off into the sunset after school and drinking energy drinks. After the credits, a mysterious man recruits them to join a special team.

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