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Feedback on our mockumentary concept?


New Member

Our team is putting together a mockumentary on an east european guy named Stuart. The story revolves around a person that hasn't been able to smile his whole life.

Currently we've made a teaser, and i would love it to get some feedback :)

You can see the film here:

Or you could check it out on youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Krv9EzfR-Mg

Looking forward to feedback!

- Joakim

Tess Pfeifle

New Member
It's an interesting concept, but how long is the film supposed to be? I don't know how much material there would be to work with and it may be boring to watch for anything more than 45mins

Anthony Mormile

New Member
It's very nicely produced. Tess is right about the length concern but that really goes to a deeper issue of "why should we care?" The non-smiling concept has a lot of potential to be funny. Before I clicked on the video, I chuckled to myself because it made me think about some of my own ancestry (Italian). The "old world" was notorious for taking very stern photographs. I was thinking you were going to do a commentary on that but see you went for the "In Soviet Russia" type of gag instead. You can still make it fun. Just try to play it off in an unexpected way. But first, even though it is a mockumentary, help the audience want to know more about this guy. Already, the fact he doesn't smile works against him because we can't connect with him. On the other hand, you don't want to portray it too seriously otherwise it looses the comedic value. I say you're on the right track you just need to ponder those bigger questions. Good luck!

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