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Former producer working developing a video app


New Member
Hey guys!

I'm a former producer turned techie (San Francisco). My team is developing an app that aims to break the barriers to social video and empower anybody to create and share more video content. We're looking for individuals to discuss the app with and get feedback on our features/creative direction - I thought Studentfilms would be a great resource!

The problem that we aim to solve:
The process from shooting video to sharing it is far too time consuming and complex for the average person. There's millions of people that are buying action cameras but never touch the footage due to editing complexities. What our app does is completely automates the editing process by creating 20-second movie shorts from user footage. Users will learn basic video storytelling skills since they will have control over the organizational structure of the clips (they can move them around) and by selecting moods. Our main goal is to inspire users worldwide to create and share more video content by making the process as easy as posting a picture to Instagram. The app will also enable users to discover other users and their movie shorts based on their shared passions - we thought it was important to build a community to further inspire our user base.

How the app works: The back end software organizes the footage based on templates that will correspond to a list of "feelings or moods" that the user can choose from to dictate the feel of his short. The templates will have been cut to pre-selected music and will each have different transitions, effects, and coloring.

What we need most help with is ensuring that our templates match their corresponding feeling and are cohesive overall. We want the experience to be high quality, which is why we're looking for help from you guys! This is definitely not a video editing app, but rather we hope that more experienced filmmakers like yourselves also use the app to share everyday moments (hopefully with higher quality footage than other users), because the app meets your high quality standards. :)

What do you guys think about simplicity of the templates for example? We're also looking for help identifying the best feelings and the creative strategy for each one (we're hoping to have ten/twelve or so by launch). These are the feelings/moods that I had jotted down to pull from:
excited, surprised, proud, sad, nostalgic, silly, epic, gloomy, suspicious, thankful, loved, determined, crazy, inspired, curious, energized, festive, drunk, lazy, festive, cold, scared, satisfied, peaceful, contemplative.

Would love to hear any thoughts you guys have! Questions or feedback on any of the features, maybe some things that you'd definitely like to see.

Thank you!

PS: We're also looking to select a handful of beta testers from the filmmaking community for next month - let me know if you're interested. This would mean you would get a head start building a profile on the platform and get to really help us make this app beautiful. Come launch (October) we will definitely feature the profiles with the best content.


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