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Free music for your project?

Discussion in 'Composers / Royalty Free Music' started by MikaelK, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. MikaelK

    MikaelK New Member

    Hi all!

    I am thrilled to have found this site and hope to get to know some film makers!

    I am an aspiring music producer who in the last few months have realised the incredible power visuals give to music. That's why I am posting here, to find film makers that need music.

    My main musical profile is some sort of indie electronica with 80s and 90s influences but I also make very dark movie score type music, industrial techno and some more experimental stuff.

    Here are my Soundcloud profiles:


    Would love to do some very experimental and/or stuff for art films but am open to pretty much everything.

    Feel free to contact me, would love to come in contact with filmers as this is a new world for me!
  2. Byron Q.

    Byron Q. New Member

    PM sent
  3. briancohen

    briancohen New Member

    if you go around offering your work everywhere for free it just cheapens it, and makes it harder for those charging for their hard work to get any offers from people. So many people are just out there diluting it.

    It's a buyers market and if a director can mooch a load of freebies off of a whole buncha people queuing up to just give their work away, they're going to laugh at anyone who rightfully thinks they should be paid for the time and effort that goes into their craft.
  4. Byron Q.

    Byron Q. New Member

    I do see your point, and it is sort of also happening in the graphic design/art industry.
    But free work can be used in a similar way to a free trial, or a sample. The filmmaker gets one or two films or pieces done, and if they like it, they can move toward paid work. If not, then they could negotiate something else with the composer or find another person who is interested in those projects.
  5. briancohen

    briancohen New Member

    exactly...they'd 'free trial' a few pieces then when the composer says its time to start paying for their time and work, they just say nope and move on to get their next 'free trial' elsewhere and get that next person to compose in a style to match the first. freebies all the way.

    the first person still remains unpaid. and all the "EXPOSURE!!!!" they got from working their butt off on that first job means jackshit. the exposure and experience under your belt won't make the next guy say oh id better pay for the music. they'll just think why pay when 50 other people are waving their hard work at me for FREE?!
  6. MikaelK

    MikaelK New Member

    I actually posted this in another forum and was amazed over how many people were butthurt, really got a STORM of bitterness directed towards me! :D

    I need visuals for my music, someone else needs music for their visuals. Nobody pays anyone, both parties benefit.

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