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Good Afternoon Fellow Filmmakers

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by NOLTAC, Dec 29, 2016.


    NOLTAC New Member

    Good afternoon, my name is NOLTAC and I am an indepedent composer and studio musician from Washington DC. I have studied music composition at Nyack College and graduated with a MUS BA in Comp. from the school. I have created music since 15 and would really like to dive in getting my music into film/tv/Videogame, one way or another.

    The music I create are in various genres, but I compose mainly hiphop, EDM/DANCE, classical and jazz

    If you would like to hear some of my work, you can check out my Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/noller-coaster

    Or See My Youtube: www.youtube.com/Nlt9852

    Message me even if you just want to chat. Building a great relationship can start with a simple hello.

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