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Aidan Collett

New Member
Hey everybody (or whoever reads this)!

My name is Aidan Collett and I enjoy every aspect of filmmaking.

When I was little, I had an enormous fascination with characters in movies - villains mainly. I always wanted to be them, but I never knew how. It started with dressing up as them for halloween... This later encouraged the growth of my special effects makeup hobby.
One day, my friend and I decided to make a tutorial on how to do special effects makeup, thus, my first YouTube video was made.

Filmwise, I was always engaged through music.

If you just simply listen to the soundtrack of a movie, so much of the story is there that watching the movie itself almost seems like a trivial action! So therefore, I started writing music. Villain themes, to be precise. I would make soundtracks and ideas for themes without even having a camera or the means to make a movie out of it.

So now I am older. And I have all the resources I can to make films... Once those floodgates were opened, I felt awakened almost. I fully believe I am ready to make a name for myself in this industry, for my understanding of film burrows deep, beyond all technical aspects. I feel I have transcended past the camera and now see filmmaking for what it truly is - art.

My production company, Tumdetme Productions, finds its origins from a simple game of tag, where my father chased me as a little kid and I would scream "Tum Det Me Dah Dah!", as child speech entails.

The perspective I hope to invite audiences into is divided in two. On one side, my goal is to create dramatic motion pictures that praise or focus on the villain, for I believe their stories to be the most rich and endearing. On the other side, I wish to make films that humor sad, scary, or uneasy circumstances... I guess that would be a dark comedy.

Overall, I hope my movies send messages to their audiences. Not through a camera or cool editing. But through the story, music, and characters - those are what make a movie.

Thank you for reading this if you have been... Stay tuned for more films!

Aidan Collett

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