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Hey.... well I love Filmmaking so......

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Daniel Llamas, Dec 25, 2014.

  1. Daniel Llamas

    Daniel Llamas Member

    So my name is Daniel! I'm from WA state but currently living in Cali where I'm currently studying Media & Communication at Christian Life College. I love directing and writing (occasionally I'll act) and hoping to spread my wings and share good quality films while continuing to learn about this art.

    Recently I've made a Holiday film and posted it here so check it out and hopefully you enjoy it! :)

    Stay blessed!
    -Daniel Llamas
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  2. ashapiro

    ashapiro New Member

    oh my you're attractive!

    I love your film!! If you ever need music for any other films, email me at allieshap96@gmail.com :)

    <3 Allison
  3. Bettina Smith

    Bettina Smith Member

    Great film it is! Just in case you need a filming location for your next movie, i suggest you to visit and try http://5401olympic.com. It is a house film location in Los Angeles,maybe you could rent it for your future movies. Continue making films like this and good luck to you!

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