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Hi I'm from Paris

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by Milano, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Milano

    Milano New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a french assist director (director soon), screenwriter, editor and assist producer. I want to work everywhere in usa. I've not studied filmmaking but I know to work.
    I want to know again and again on the news projects, maybe you're.
    If you can help, please let me know.

    Working with together will be a real pleasure.

    Sorry for my bad english.
  2. Grace Peterman

    Grace Peterman New Member

    Where can we see your work online?? :)
  3. Milano

    Milano New Member

    Yes here I was working on this short film. ;) But is in french language. :/

    Others vidéo are coming soon
  4. Grace Peterman

    Grace Peterman New Member

    I speak NO french but it seems cool! Have you heard of Xavier Dolan? Heartbeats and I Killed My Mother are two of my favorite films even though they're all in French :) Also have you seen Dreamers by Bertolucci? It takes place in Paris.
    Do you have plans to come to study film in the states at all? I just moved from Chicago to LA to act a few months ago. You can see some of my video artworks at
    http://www.youtube.com/lesvikenti and https://vimeo.com/home/myvideos
  5. Milano

    Milano New Member

    Thanks you. Yes I know Xavier Dolan, I prefer Truffaut or Pialat, but Dolan is a director of the new generation little crazy :)

    Yes Bertolucci, again the last tango in paris, or An American to Paris.But for me my reference is Kubrick and you ?

    No, I d'ont have plans to study film in the USA, I would like really, but I don't know how to do that and my english is not good :( The american style for movies and TV show is special I like it, I try to learn mysel, is not easy...You're in LA it's a dream no ? :) You're lucky enjoy it.

    Actually I am writing 4 new projects 2 shorts, 1 serie (maybe 4 episodes) and 1 film, I try...

    Thanks for yours links I'll be watching yours video tonight (is 5:30 pm here ;) ) and I'll say my opinion here ;)
  6. Grace Peterman

    Grace Peterman New Member

    I love dark directors like Darren Aronofsky, David Lynch; and then darkly funny ones like Noah Baumbach is genius, also Wes Anderson and the Cohen bros of course :)
    You shouldn't worry about your English! Americans would find it charming I'm sure. Send me links to your work as you post it online! Especially if you ever put subtitles in haha :)
  7. Milano

    Milano New Member

    Yeeahh Aronosky, anderson, Lynch the Coens brothers I love really. For me my reference is Stanley Kubrick I love his work was really special. ;)
    My english is good here but with a real conversation I can not understand all, so for study cinema in usa I would a lot of difficulty :) But is true I would like to word in USA. :)

    Ok is i have something i send you the link ;) The subtitles ok you want to leanr the franch language ? ;) This monday I worked in a airplane for a film like background actor. So I saw yours videos ;) You do a great photography really Periphery and Your eyes on Heroin we can feeling somes emotions is cool ;) Yours video in NY are goods, funny you filmming the city like a framing interesting in black and white, the video of time Square with you (i think) in close-up is good beacause we don't know who or what to see.

    I don't know if I explain good but your work is good, you want to be a director too ? or Director of photography ?

    Your video "interview" is funny ;)
  8. Grace Peterman

    Grace Peterman New Member

    Thanks for your comments! Yes I would like to direct films too one day, but first I want to start off acting!
    Do you like Godard? Another of my favorite French films is Vivre Sa Vie, it is about a girl who becomes a prostitute kind of accidentally haha. Also you have probably seen Amelie by Jeunet (everyone in America loves it too!!) and his film Delicatessen is very fun too :)
    Also what's your name?? Haha we should be Facebook friends! Or do you have a tumblr or Instagram or anything like that?
  9. Milano

    Milano New Member

    You want to be actress good really good, I search a good way to coaching the actors. Have a good communication with them is a secret for have a perfect scene. Godard yes of course I saw about 80% of his filmo, Vivre sa vie I have the DVD ;), but I prefer Truffaut the cylce Antoine Doinel is really good. It's like poetry. Amelie is good with Kassovitz. It's the best film of Audrey Tautou (for me). The americans have a good tastes. ;)
    My name is Franck, I don't have a tumblr or instagram but I'm on facebook and twitter ;) I think, I found you
  10. John Mogul

    John Mogul New Member

    Welcome to studentfilms.com!
    Join IMDB and get credited for the work have done.
    Then begin contacting the major and minor film production companies, and film crew directorys.


    Best of success. John

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  11. Milano

    Milano New Member

  12. John Mogul

    John Mogul New Member

    Hey Milano.

    No my friend i am sorry to say its not free.
    All actors, directors, have to pay to have their picture and profile posted on IMDB.
    Most of the time its paid for by the actors Publishes, Manager, or Agent.
    Usually when first starting out you have to act as your own Publishes, Manager, or Agent.
    Trust me its worth it, IMDB is great way to get your name seen by the people you want to connect with.

    Wikipedia is also another great way to promote your self.
    You may want to go there and write an essay, article, and short biography of your self.


    Best of success, John.

    Never Give Up On Your Dreams
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    Click here for a free Complete Guide How to Write A Screenplay "http://paramountscreenwriters.info"
  13. Milano

    Milano New Member

    Yes John, but I don't know if it's a good investissement for me to pay for a profile on IMDB. I don't think that the french productions look this site for engage the peoples.

    I worked on the littles projects so far. I would to work on a big project but... :D maybe late in french or in an other country, I hope.

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