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Discussion in 'Cast / Crew Classifieds' started by Raven Dock, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Raven Dock

    Raven Dock New Member

    Hi, everyone!

    I'm going to ask a very silly question, but it's been bothering me and making me slightly paranoid. I'm currently in the process of casting a short film I have written, my very first short film. I have a very small budget and I am not paying the actors. The casting call poster has been circulating around Full sail and I've received inquires about auditioning, before any information was shared I specifically told this isn't a paid role and every time it hasn't been a issue, they want to be involved regardless. Would this be considered an agreement? Should I print the emails of them being fully aware they will not be compensated for being in the film as hardcopies? Or should I get a separate E-signature disclosure forms?

    Like I said I'm paranoid, I know how shady people can be when it comes down for working for free, my family even bought up the fact that the film can lead to success and what if those actors and the people who helped on the film decide to sue me. Should I just make everyone sign hard copy forms before production begins to avoid the risk of someone turning around and suing me for all I'm worth?

    Would having everyone sign NDA forms to keep from having info about the film disclosed that can sabotage the film be a bad idea, in case I might have to sue. Also I know you can't copyright ideas, you can submit scripts, and films are automatically copyrighted, but what else could I possibly do to protect something I am very emotionally invested in?

    -The very paranoid Raven <3
  2. Chris W

    Chris W Studentfilms.com & FilmSchool.org Owner Staff Member

    I think you're being overly paranoid - but if you want to keep the e-mails that would be fine.

    At this stage of filmmaking what actors want is exposure and experience. And hopefully to be cast in your next film. I've never, ever, heard of people suing filmmakers. Not saying it never happens but I've never heard of it.

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