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Shaye Wyllie

New Member
Although I am not a composer, I am looking to become a music supervisor and would like to gain more experience in the field by helping students find music for their films.

I can help you:

- Find someone to compose an original score for your film
- Find songs that would go perfectly with your film
- With licensing music, in case you'd like to use a more popular song in your film
- Edit the songs so that everything stays on point and the music matches the video
- Make an official agreement with the composer / artist stating that you are allowed to use their work so that there are no future problems

And what ever else you may need to help you find your music for your project.

I understand that most students have either no budget or a very low budget for their films and I am more than willing to negotiate my fee. But what I do ask for in return is a "music supervisor" credit on your final project and a copy of the final project for my portfolio.

If interested, you may message me here or email me at shayewyllie@gmail.com to discuss your project in further detail and for any questions or concerns you may have. Thanks.

C.U. Studio

Hi Shaye
I'm looking for a composer who can do music in the style of the duel scene in The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly. I'd love to use the actual music but I expect it would cost too much. Maybe you can help me. I can't pay since I have very little budget. But in the remote chance the video ever makes any profit I can give you a percentage.
Please take a look at my post & see if you'd be interested. Thanks for your time.

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