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In Nomine Short Series (SciFi Thriller) (No budget, but it works!)


New Member
Hey everybody,

I'm currently working on a short series called "In Nomine".
It's about a girl who carries a memory of a cure for HIV and therefore is chased by different parties.
The girl, Layla doesn't know she carries this important memory because she suffers from a trauma, because Layla watched her "foster-mother", Natalia Störsgren, die.
After her escape from a laboratory, where Nero Enterprises, the central antagonist, tried the "Memo:Sync" procedure in order to extract the memory from Layla's brain, she now runs from the threat, unknowing, that several other people are also interested in her...

I hope you like it! Feel free to comment!

Share and Subscribe! Thanks! =)

P.S. English Subs will be added soon.