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Indie project looking for Production, Post-Production, CGI & Animation Crew

Discussion in 'Cast / Crew Classifieds' started by ZombieQueenProductions, Jun 9, 2013.

    A 20 minute rock movie musical for exhibit online

    Shot almost entirely on a green screen stage

    Seeking talented people
    Deferred pay for most positions

    If interested, read more on the "Crew" link at:
    Contact crew@zombiequeenproductions.com

    CGI Sets and Animals (to start ASAP):
    • 3D animal animation - realistic cows walking, head movements, moving herd
    • Digital matte artists – 2D or 3D - multiple virtual sets – outdoors, night, dramatic lighting, countryside and town streets
    Production (July 6th, 2013):
    • Assistant Director
    • Director of Photography
    • Camera Operator 1 (may be combined with DP)
    • Camera Operator 2
    • Camera Assistant
    • Grip
    • Sound Recorder/Boom Operator
    • Sound Assistant/Playback/Boom Operator
    • Makeup/Hair
    • Makeup/Hair or Assistant
    • Photographer/behind the scenes footage
    • Production Assistants, General

    Post Production

    • After Effects – including lighting effects
    • Green screen keying and compositing
    • Post production sound mixing and sound design

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