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Daniel Cumming

New Member
My name is Daniel and I live in Houston and I am currently enrolled in Lamar Hight School. I started making short little movies once I discovered I could make them on my mac. I had had no video editing experience or not even a class on movies or film editing. So I made stop motion films where I pulled balled up pieces of paper out of my mouth with words on it, to making a movie about my cat and how much he wanted to go outside, to were I documented my families week trip to Sedona AZ and put it all together with a french pop song(which turned out extremely well). But anyway my mom called me up one day and told me that she just heard on the radio that Houston will be holding a video contest and the objective was to create a video that expresses what Houston is to you. So I made one and I was very pleased with it. The contest is still open and I have until the end of the month to get as many votes as possible. I would love if anybody would take some time to check out my movie about Houston and if you could vote for it as well. The link below will take you there. Thanks!

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