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Le ballon rouge (1956)/The Red Balloon: How?


New Member
A red balloon with a life of its own follows a little boy around the streets of Paris.
Director: Albert Lamorisse

One of the favorite short of all time among filmmakers. Beautiful music, color and story. But I have very practical question: How did they control the balloon? Obviously, they used various different techniques to create the illusion that it is flying by itself. For example, you may notice a some kind of fishing line sticking to the balloon at the moment when it is following the bus.
But it doesn`t explain such moments when it is very high, besides the movements of the balloon are very smooth for being controlled with rope all the time.
Any thoughts?


New Member
It doesn't matter how the balloon was manipulated. It is a perfect, magical film. Occasional "A-ha!" glimpses of technique are glossed over by the storytelling. Before CGI, filmmakers had figured out how to create tornadoes, evil witches, and balloons that expressed emotion. Breathtaking, even in 2022.

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