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Looking for a composer for my no-budget short(thriller).

Discussion in 'Composers / Royalty Free Music' started by sam val, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. sam val

    sam val New Member

    Like title has said. We're are still in pre production. Will shoot in march-april. perhaps finish in may-june. NO paid due to the nature of the production.

    this project is in black and white.

    For composers: DARK. EXPERIMENTAL. MELODIC. If 3 of those adjectives describe most about what you enjoy writing as a composer. Consider giving this a shot by message me or leave a post with your contact.

    my old projects: https://www.youtube.com/user/yaiba2811
    script: docdro.id/CuY10T4

    Presumably we'll work via skype unless you want to fly to vietnam to meet me.
  2. Seth T. T. Scott

    Seth T. T. Scott New Member

    I have wanted to score a black and white film for ages. This sounds like an intriguing work you are producing. I am a classically trained composer and multi-instrumentalist and I feel as if I could lend a lot to this project.

    Here's project I did the music/sound design for that I feel would interest you:

    The rest of my portfolio can be found at:

    I am best reached at sethttscott@gmail.com

  3. Jed Crouch

    Jed Crouch New Member

    I am an MA student studying Music Technology, specifically Acousmatic music. I would love to work on this project!

    Check out my work "Water Colour" from my portfolio and then tell me your three adjectives don't perfectly describe it :)

    Look forward to hearing from you.

  4. martanowaczynska

    martanowaczynska New Member

    I'd love to work with you!
    Here are some examples of my work:

    All the best,
  5. Hey Sam,

    This project sounds really interesting - I'd love to be involved. I have my Bachelor's in Music Business, with a concentration in Piano, and have been composing music for over ten years. I've composed plenty for low-budget computer games in the past. I'm comfortable writing in Classical, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Pop, and R&B styles. At the moment, I'm open to working for free for the right project.

    I've attached some samples of my work below:






    Feel free to email me at orwollg@gmail.com.

  6. HatchettP

    HatchettP New Member

    Hi Sam
    I would be interested in this. I've have extensive production music experience and various TV commissions but am looking to do more drama.
    Please visit www.patrickhatchett.com for examples and info.
  7. João Freire

    João Freire New Member


    I'm a sound designer/composer and I would love to work with you! I've worked with several indie games and short films before and you can hear some of my work in my soundcloud link. If you're interested in working with me, feel free to send me a message through here or to my e-mail: joaocfreire24@gmail.com

    Thank you.

    Link: soundcloud.com/jo-o-freire-3
  8. Daniel Mauck

    Daniel Mauck New Member

    Hello. Take a listen to my work on SoundCloud and email me atdjmauck@mac.com if you're interested. Best!

  9. Todd Carter

    Todd Carter New Member

    Hi Sam,
    Todd here.
    I know that I can give you what you need on this project:

    Let me know if we could chat.
  10. Sean Rondinaro

    Sean Rondinaro New Member

    I imagine that you found a composer, but if you didn't and are still in need of some music/sound, you can PM me.


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