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Looking for a Short Film Script

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Hey Everybody,

I'm looking to Direct a new Project, unfortunatly i'm not the best writer... Therefore i'm looking for a script! If there's anyone interested in making there scripts come to life i would love to do it. I'm very open to new ideas and new chalenges, they just have to be tastefull and brilliant if possible! (a man can dream...)

Yes! I'm Still looking...

First of all i would like to congradulate you for your work!

Second, i found a couple that i might be interested...

- "Blue"
- "Wisdom of Leaves"
- "The Key"
- "Check Out"

If you could send me some info about them would be great!

Thanks Dallas! The author is actually de same as in the post before. And you should take a look at them if you need, it's well worth the shot!

gamar rosado

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I have a full written script that is part of a trilogy that I wrote. if you are interested write back. it is not a screenplay just raw story.


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