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Looking for a tense/dramatic project to put an analog synth score to.

Devon Robbins

New Member
Hey everyone. I'm an electronic musician making music under the name finale. If you are looking for a score similar to that in The Social Network, or any of the films that Reznor/Ross have worked on, I might be your guy.
I love doing sound design with analog synthesizers. I recently released an EP (here) and am interested in doing some textural music for a short. These are songs that are meant to be played live, so aren't really score type tunes, but there are a lot of textures in there. The last two tracks on the record in the link are not so beat-driven and can give some idea as to what I'm referring to.
Thanks for taking a look. Hopefully we can make something happen together.

Nadav Cohen

New Member
Another fellow composer here - I just took a listen to your bandcamp link. Fantastic work. I'm a big fan of it. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Nadav Cohen

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