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Looking for actors and crew members for our current project in Krakow


New Member

For our current project in Krakow (start date july 2015) we are looking for actors and crew members.

Applications accepted at: http://metaact.com/job/metaact-krak...w-krakowie-rozpoczynajacego-sie-w-lipcu-2015/

Below is excerpt from the story-line:

there she was, a stunning beauty.
she held the metal tank with the deadly virus.
"hi mike"
he never would have believed that she came to switzerland, in his high tech laboratory.
there was no time to greet her back. terrorists stormed the corridor with machine guns, the security personnel shot back.
he was hit and as he was falling he tore his code card and threw it at her. running through the bulletstorm, she opened the door to a
high-security laboratory and punched the red emergency switch. the sirens wailed, sluices closed automatically.
he had saved her life.
through the bulletproof glass she saw the liquid running down from the bullet-riddled metal tank. within 24 hours every living creature would be dead.
mike would not be there to see the terrors of the viral infection, he would bleed to death before it starts.
no, she could not let him go ...

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