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Looking for some Film Support


New Member
We are a Production Company based in Switzerland and we are looking for someone who has the following skills:
- Webmaster
- Video Editing (basic)
- Social Media interaction
- Graphic Design

This person would ideally be based in Zurich and work with our producer to create marketing assets for our film and also be responsible for our website, social media etc. Basically it needs a person with many skills that can connect with the film's message and produce marketing assets through the web, posters, social media posts to expand the message of the film and reach a broader audience.


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Hi! Do you need money for all this? Once Darren Aronofsky came to the audience waving a golden iPhone and began with the fact that he does not even want to listen about the fact that someone today can not find money for movies. Nowadays, movies are shot on the iPhone. The possibilities are really great. But if you are too lazy to turn to specialized websites, as well as to foundations and state organizations, you can try long term installment loans online. At least, today it is known that rich people are interested in the film industry. Try to captivate them with your ideas. Foundations, festivals and film organizations willingly support young talent. However, only a few turn to them for help:(. And the obstacle may be the fact that if the filmmakers ask for such financial assistance, the project should be interesting at the international level.