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Looking for someone to score for my senior film

Corey Crawford

New Member
Hey all! I'm currently working on my senior film, The Shoe Polisher. It's about a young, happy-go-lucky boy who witness' a murder while trying to get some business outside of a store. It takes place in the 20's, and the "killer" is a mob boss who the boy previously tried to get business from. The killer then uses the boys shining service to clean the blood off his shoe and realizing the boy has witnessed what had just happened, pays him to silence. It's a win win for the both of them.

The medium is traditional hand drawn animation. I'm currently animating. I have quite a bit of shots to animate and with my inexperience in sound design, I'd be better off finding someone who is skilled and has a passion for sound design. With this piece there is a lot of opportunity to show off sound, especially since it takes place in the roaring 20's. This would be a great challenge for all you scoring lovers.

I'd love to further discuss with anyone who is willing to work with me on this.



New Member
Most DEFINITELY!!! :) haha...
Cool concept?...

If you're still looking, I would love to write for you?

My Site is just up, and lacking a lot of my work... but, I'd be more than happy to send some in the meantime, or write specific taster cues?...

Look forward to hearing from you.

Greg Birkumshaw

Yeah i think you'll really like my music. Im extremely talented at composing emotional fitting music. Something that will stand out. It won't sound like an amateur is composing your music(bland, and boring, un-amuzing, safe.) You'll think some decent composer is working on your film.

heres some samples of my music.

Hope you like these, i am versatile composer. I can write to fit any style.

soundcloud.com/tyamaguchi-the link to more. I have over 300 songs that i recorded. sadly my laptop was stolen along with a lot of my songs. Still, i have these ones, that aren't even my best.


New Member
I'm a professional music composer and audio engineer with over 7 years of experience. Work with different styles, such as: Orchestral, Epic/Fantasy, Rock, Action, Electronica (techno, trance, house, dance, dnb, dubstep), Chiptune/8-bit, Classical.
Guarantee you a unique and professional work. will send you examples of my works. contact me - soundslot@gmail.com

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