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Maybe the most incredible short film competition in the world!

Discussion in 'Filmmaking Contests' started by Paul JF Spurrier, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. Paul JF Spurrier

    Paul JF Spurrier New Member

    In July, the Thailand Film Office will be running the Thailand Short Film Competition.
    It is the sixth time that this has been held.

    We don't need finished films.
    We just need an idea for a short film you'd like to make in Thailand.

    All film students at undergraduate or equivalent level can apply.

    If your idea is accepted, you and a partner will get:

    A return air ticket to Thailand
    Four nights accommodation in Bangkok
    A van plus driver for your time upcountry making your film
    A local production assistant
    $900 budget for your film and for expenses

    And the winning short film will win a prize of $9000.

    The deadline for entry is 15th June.

    All details are on the website:


    It really is a fantastic opportunity, and we want to tell people about it!


    Paul Spurrier
    Thailand Short Film Competition

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