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More - (The Hunter Pixilation Project) - 4 Minute Stop Motion Vid featuring 140 People

Kevin C.

New Member
Hey guys and gals, spent the past two months working on this as a graduation project for my school. This is essentially 1991 photos put together in Quicktime Pro at 8 fps of 136 of my peers and 4 of my teachers. to the tune of Cheers Elephant hot single - 'Leaves'.

It's gotten note from names such as Chris Hayes, Lin-Manuel Miranda, OK GO, and Humans Of New York - thought some of you might be interested!

Cover 4 Reduced.JPG

Grace Wang

New Member
Hi! My name is Grace. Im 24 years old. Grad from Musician institute. transferring to Cal Poly Pomona. Music Major
Im a Freelance Music Composer for Film Students. I love music, I love to compose but I don't know where to start to get into the industry.
I think this would be a good opportunity for me to gain some experience.
enclosed please find my resume.

and here is my website:




Staff member
very nice. I like that you actually considered movements and blended them together. The physical play of the words is also a good one! Very fun!
you're editing rhythmically so there's really not much to critique at all.
@ 2:40, the choice of character changing was not as focused as all the ones that come before it (aka I didn't see any motivation to change people) for a few characters, but it quickly solved that within a few seconds.
the next two notes are probably youtube's fault, but if it isn't:
the camera flash sfx came a tiny bit late
and the last hard strum of the song where the girl does the downward strum was a little late as well.

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