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Music composer needed

Discussion in 'Student Film Discussions' started by Chaitanya kalidindi, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Chaitanya kalidindi

    Chaitanya kalidindi New Member

    Hi I’m Chaitanya, an independent filmmaker from India. I need a composer for short film which I’m planning to shoot soon. It’s about a person who participates in a writing competition just to find out what he writes actually turns out to be real in his imagination. I’m running tight on budget and I would really appreciate if you could provide your services for free. I will provide u a detailed screenplay once u agree to score music for my film. Also, can I listen to some of your works?



    RUSKYPOP New Member

    Hi Chaitanya ! You can use my songs for free
    send me a pm if you need something else, like "Copyright Authorization Form"
    Have a pleasant day !
  3. Bruno Duprat

    Bruno Duprat New Member

  4. lisamay

    lisamay New Member

    You can talk with musicians that offer royalty free music at SoundCloud. However, if you are going to use it for commercial purpose then maybe you would need a license as well. Last year, we used royalty free music and sound effects from here https://www.musicscreen.org/ for our Youtube documentary. You can also talk with Hicham Chahidi if you want to compose special music according to your them. I think it is better than using copyright music.

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