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Need Suggestions for CBD Documentary?


New Member

After a long break, we finally got a new project, and it is about a CBD oil documentary. According to the client, it should be the inspiration and should clear all doubts of people about CBD oils. Yes, it is for the countries where medical use of cannabis is legal, especially medical marijuana, hemp and CBD oils. Basically, the documentary is about the use of cannabidiol oils for pain management. In this regard, we got many already available ads and documentaries from here, but according to my team, we should go with our own idea.

We have many ideas in mind. Likewise, we can't filmize the story of a couple who is against the use of CBD products but after watching their colleagues success against pain and anxiety decides to use CBD. We also have many other kinds of ideas. I am here to know your suggestions in this regard. Also, I need your advice about the cast, their ages, and if you have any stories in mind, you can share.